Get Motivated

(pls excoose the typos) People have commented on my ability to self-motivate as if it’s something special I possess. Naw, I just have a few tricks up my sleeve. Trick one Follow this and you can bypass the rest. DON’T THINK ABOUT IT. JUST DO IT. I swear, we spend more time thinking about the … Read more

Some Days it’s Like This

I think I learned about four different ways to make something like a tornado in Blender and it probably took a month to finally get it the way I wanted for this image. Sadly the time it took is probably more related to the fact I’m using a 2015 Mac laptop. Again, this was designed … Read more

The Abandoned Gas Station Build (Part 1)

The project I am currently working on. Lately, with my photography, I’ve been focusing on mood and building that mood by using signifiers that represent meaning both personally and universally. This landed me on a gas station at night. I’ve shot gas stations before. I had wanted to do one of my rabbit head pictures … Read more

Lens Test “Results”

Well, the lens tests were not entirely successful as I discovered, to my great disappointment, that the aperture on my yongnuo 50mm lens is stuck at ƒ1.8. Frustrating since I have not used that lens very often and I’ve taken good care of it. But you get what you pay for in life, it was … Read more

Floor Moulding

I am making base boards / floor molding this afternoon. Specifically rubber institutional ones. Well, miniature ones, anyway. But I am questioning the amount of tone and effort on this detail when I risk it not even making it in the shot and if it does not being lit enough to matter. But this detail … Read more

Focus and Lens Tests

This weekend I am starting some focus testing. While I’ve deducted I can shoot miniatures the same kinds of lenses that you’d use for regular photography, but I want some depth of field references to give me a much better idea of just how soft of focus will look like real life situations. It will … Read more

Models and Reference shots

I prefer to do the least amount of testing I can because inevitably I don’t actually know what I’ll need until I actually go through it. But really that’s just a justification for not wanting to do it. Testing for test sakes is tedious at best. I will say that necessity changes my aptitude for … Read more

Toss-off Test Shots

My first test shots were done just after I had got close to completion for my first model. They were not set up with any precision – I just wanted to get a few off to get an idea of how the set would translate to 2D to see what I might need to think … Read more