I graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Applied Arts, Major: Photographic Arts – Film and worked in the film and video industry for several years after this in a variety of position from assisting and shooting to producing, before expanding into web and digital work (which I still continue to do) while I raised my family.

Photography started as a hobby and an opportunity to experiment with many photographic, lighting and editing techniques. I have a love of light and mood and capturing or creating this is what I love the most about photography. Over time I started to sell some of my landscapes, and moonlight doing a little food and beverage photography.

Personal Projects Beginning in 2020

I feel my best creative work started with a feeling, a piece of true honesty. 2020 afforded me the opportunity to look inward, and so I started exploring more personal themes in my work, influenced and informed by my love of film, literature, and story.

Some of my most favourite writing by John Steinbeck and Canadian Writer Arjun Basu was spare and yet so loaded with meaning. Moments of realization, turning points, loaded drama that spoke to a bigger story. How do I do this with photography, I asked myself? Not all my work aims for this, but recently this is what excites me the most.

My personal projects blurs the line between straight photography and art making. It does not stop at the moment of capture but has extended into the manipulation of space and light, using “lighting painting” and photo stacking, building miniature “sets” and then compositing and altering through digital applications.

In the process of creating I sometimes discover other things in the work. I look at the characters I have created, the stories that are there. I see isolation, anxiety, fear, determination, perseverance, strength, and weakness reflecting universal themes many of us are experiencing in this current climate. It’s certainly been a year of denied options, reality confusion, and mental health struggles and yet we see the ever-present human drive and desire to thrive.

I could tell you stories about those characters in my work. Where they come from, where they might be going. But they might tell you a different story.