I invite you to share in the journey

Do you remember the time when social media platforms felt like they were made for us? Before they became this noisy numbers-game of attention-seekers shilling their work? Sigh. It’s so painful to wade through it all shouty clutter (WHY SO SHOUTY??) to find authentic experiences.

It’s even worse to be expected by others to be the shouty. Eeee.

Instead, I invite you to share the journey with me. I share my art with people in the hopes that it will make them feel something or contemplate something they might not have otherwise. Every two weeks, it is my hope I can do the same thing through writing. By sharing the journey with you, I hope to find a way to motivate you, inspire you, connect with you. Alongside, I’ll share a few life hacks that work for me to keep focused, inspired, and relatively sane. Because while we may not need sanity, WE ALL NEED LIFE HACKS. Am I right??

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