Fine Art Photography & Digital Art

Like a filmmaker, I’ll use anything to create the illusion. The image is usually grounded in a self-portrait, but I often (not always) use compositing which means I combine different photos or digital elements together.

I shoot on location or in a home studio. Some of the backgrounds are shot separately, either on loaction, or as real-world minatures I’ve built. More recently, I’ve been using digital 3D modeling. In the case of the cinemagraphs, I have also used AI and viudeo editing software. I built the rabbit head.

At the moment I tend to post my newest work to Instagram first. What is not included here (yet) are two cinemagraphs I have done recently (am currently working on another one). Cinemagraphs are moving still images. While the file formats may be the same as any video, the content differs from a typical video in that it feels like a photograph. Only one that moves. If you would like to see what I mean check out the pieces the Lost Art of waiting (looks like a sitting woman beside a phone), and Some Days It’s Like This (woman with a tornado over her head) on my Instagram.


Woman on the Edge

The Rabbit Hole Effect

Woman on the Edge (work in progress)

The emphasis on this work is creating cinematic stories with a still image. To learn more about this series, visit Woman on the Edge (work in progress)

The rabbit Hole Effect

To learn more about this series visit The Rabbit Hole Effect