The Abandoned Gas Station Build (Part 1)

The project I am currently working on. Lately, with my photography, I’ve been focusing on mood and building that mood by using signifiers that represent meaning both personally and universally. This landed me on a gas station at night. I’ve shot gas stations before. I had wanted to do one of my rabbit head pictures … Read more

Personal Reflection of 2020

For my fellow Ontarians, particularly those in the Durham Region, how many of you when you look back on 2020 remember the “nuclear incident” scare of 2020?  Oh, you forget about that?  Yeah, that was the kind of year it was. I mean, really, that was when I wondered if I had enough toilet paper.  … Read more

Contemplating Still Life, part 2

Lately, I’ve known what my next project is going to be well before I finish the one I’m working on. But Christmas took everything I got, and now with the down time, I feel the need to start again. I’ll probably repeat myself through my posts, but journaling has become an important part of the … Read more

Contemplating Still Life, part 1

I was sitting here this morning contemplating my next project. Christmas took a lot out of me, all self-inflicted mind you, but I was working at a bit of a fevered pace trying to create this experience that would remain in the minds of my daughters for years to come. It all kind of started … Read more

Lens Test “Results”

Well, the lens tests were not entirely successful as I discovered, to my great disappointment, that the aperture on my yongnuo 50mm lens is stuck at ƒ1.8. Frustrating since I have not used that lens very often and I’ve taken good care of it. But you get what you pay for in life, it was … Read more

Floor Moulding

I am making base boards / floor molding this afternoon. Specifically rubber institutional ones. Well, miniature ones, anyway. But I am questioning the amount of tone and effort on this detail when I risk it not even making it in the shot and if it does not being lit enough to matter. But this detail … Read more

Focus and Lens Tests

This weekend I am starting some focus testing. While I’ve deducted I can shoot miniatures the same kinds of lenses that you’d use for regular photography, but I want some depth of field references to give me a much better idea of just how soft of focus will look like real life situations. It will … Read more

Models and Reference shots

I prefer to do the least amount of testing I can because inevitably I don’t actually know what I’ll need until I actually go through it. But really that’s just a justification for not wanting to do it. Testing for test sakes is tedious at best. I will say that necessity changes my aptitude for … Read more