“Church” of the Universe

This idea was in part inspired by a period in art history, the Baroque era, which I keep coming back to for its moment in time and its intensity and drama.  The original meaning of baroque meant, “irregular, contorted, grotesque” which gives you an idea of how the style might have been first perceived, but, … Read more

Get Motivated

(pls excoose the typos) People have commented on my ability to self-motivate as if it’s something special I possess. Naw, I just have a few tricks up my sleeve. Trick one Follow this and you can bypass the rest. DON’T THINK ABOUT IT. JUST DO IT. I swear, we spend more time thinking about the … Read more

Some Days it’s Like This

I think I learned about four different ways to make something like a tornado in Blender and it probably took a month to finally get it the way I wanted for this image. Sadly the time it took is probably more related to the fact I’m using a 2015 Mac laptop. Again, this was designed … Read more

The Lost Art of Waiting

This piece was originally conceived specifically to be viewed on a feed-based platform where the video would autoplay and virtually be indistinguishable from a still image. The idea was that you’d see it, and the subtle movement would cause you to to wonder if your eyes were deceiving you. I can’t tell you how exciting … Read more

But Is It a Gas Station? Shoot! (Part 2)

Part one is here. You’ll see I strayed a ways away from my original concept. I don’t know if there is anything I have done so far that caused me as much thinking. Of course, there is always the thinking around the concept, and then the thinking around the build, and then the shooting and … Read more

Collapsible backdrop first impressions

It was time for a more specialized backdrop. I made this post for anyone who is looking into these because we all know that photography costs add up and we want to buy wisely. I do have a backdrop set up already in another area of my basement. It’s solid. It’s perfect for group shots. … Read more

The Abandoned Gas Station Build (Part 1)

The project I am currently working on. Lately, with my photography, I’ve been focusing on mood and building that mood by using signifiers that represent meaning both personally and universally. This landed me on a gas station at night. I’ve shot gas stations before. I had wanted to do one of my rabbit head pictures … Read more

Personal Reflection of 2020

For my fellow Ontarians, particularly those in the Durham Region, how many of you when you look back on 2020 remember the “nuclear incident” scare of 2020?  Oh, you forget about that?  Yeah, that was the kind of year it was. I mean, really, that was when I wondered if I had enough toilet paper.  … Read more

Contemplating Still Life, part 2

Lately, I’ve known what my next project is going to be well before I finish the one I’m working on. But Christmas took everything I got, and now with the down time, I feel the need to start again. I’ll probably repeat myself through my posts, but journaling has become an important part of the … Read more