Untitled Foreboding

More and more I’m becoming interested in creating these moments that still feel alive but arrested.

Our perception of time is hugely variable depending on whatever chemistry is coursing through our brains at the time, but it seems like we sometimes experience our emotions this way. And our memories are like bits of fragments. We assemble it all together and form stories out of them. But the actual experience of it – both fleeting and eternal, for we never truly are ever in the past or the future except for in our own minds.

The experience really depends on the file looping which the Instagram feed carries off perfectly. At one point I figured out how to embed an autoplay video loop on my site using Youtube, but a couple of projects visually broke down going through YouTube’s compression engine and so abandoned the idea. It’s difficult to get subtle movement. That’s the tricky aspect of using multiple pieces of software to do complex editing.