408 Fairall St


I wouldn’t swear to it because I got this off the internet, but I believe that this is Axalta Coating Systems which produces performance and transportation coatings. Their slogan is “Simply Brilliant”.  They are an international company with principal locations in Philadelphia, Switzerland, Pennsalvania US, Mexico, Singapore, Shanghia and have approximately 13,000 employees. Here they are quietly in Ajax, too.

They have 47 training centres around the world to help their customers get the best out of their coatings and colour tools. Ajax is one of them.

Stuff you might not have known about Ajax.


Railroad Crossing


I was heading toward Station Street with the intention of shooting some of the industrial buildings just south of there. It’s my favourite route to the soccer turfs. But this freight train was blocking the road. I’ve never seen a train on these tracks, but then, I’m not sure I’ve ever been down there that time of night.

It sat there for a long time.  I decided to shoot it: from the sunroof, from the window, through the windshield. What else are you going to do while you wait?

Cars that had lined up behind me eventually backed up and turned around. This allowed me to get off the road and approach the train on foot.  I waited until the train got moving again to get this. Patience can be a virtue.

Creative Process Rumination

The Artist's Journey

I’d go out at night, sometimes around 9 or 10, sometimes much later. I put jazz on the car radio. From time to time I would dictate notes on my iPhone, capturing my thoughts and contemplations as I spent hours alone.  I fill a thermos mug with wine and walk around in the dark in the neighborhood. I’m always keyed up and anxious, but I also love being out in the dark and the excitement of it.

What started as being a simple exercise of photographing your neighborhood turned out to be more complex the more I focused on it. I found myself thinking about what my photographs meant. I found myself thinking about what it meant to live here. All those hours alone contemplating my life here, how I came to be here, why I hadn’t left.

I found myself I found myself contemplating my conflicted feelings about being here.  And yet they were a part of who I was in some way that had to do with me figure out who I was as a teenager. Here I am at middle-age knowing full well the kind person that I am and yet dragging the past with me.

Conflicted between trying to make this place more beautiful more special, and at the same time driven to capture the worst of it. Back-and-forth I would go. I discover things in the process of it. Seeing what I’ve been drawn to, I see I’m looking for the drama that maybe isn’t there, creating the drama that maybe isn’t there.