Work in Progress

Hollywood (working title – work in progress) is (mostly) a self-shot series I’m working on that evolved out of the self- and character portraits that evolved out of The Rabbit Hole Effect.

About the work

This series starts tie together my love for story, my degree in film and my love for art and photography.

It is wrongly named, of course. If anything it should be called Indie given how “small” they are in terms of crew, cast and themes. But Indie is an awkward name, a certainly a far less “platonic” name for the idea of movies, hopes, and dreams all rolled into one.

It evolved from my self-portraits but even though I am in most of these, these are not self-portraits. I am not myself but playing a character that is, of course, shaded with my own feelings. So this series of images is different both in terms of what they represent, but also from a crafting perspective. There is far more creative manipulation involved, both with the editing and in some cases the setting themselves. In my mind, these are less photographs and more “works”.

I used to write and have admired “flash” or “sudden” fiction back when Twitter used to have a 140 character limit and twitfic was a thing. It was a challenge to make something of those 140 characters. The best ones were loaded; an often quoted example being; “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”. And so the way those written moments are to a book, these images are to a movie. At least, that’s what I am starting to strive for.

I often start with a feeling and a glimmer of a story emerges. I find myself thinking and building out the character: who is she, where did she come from, how did she end up here? And without consciously intending it, I can see the feeling behind some of the images are not just mine, but very much about women and our realities.