Cross Country Donuts

Digital Art, Photography

Sometimes I see people here, sitting on the picnic tables, smoking. This is part of the same area that probably doesn’t have much time left.

Back in 2007 in Oshawa, a woman volunteered at a car wash fundraiser to help raise money to re-open a hostel that provided safety to women and children. She had been a former resident and she reported it tough trying to make it the last couple of months. The car wash fund raiser raised $433.

A little less than four years later in January 2011 Ajax, a 54 year old woman by the same first and last name claimed she had a gun and demanded money from the clerk at the Cross Country Donuts in Ajax. She left on foot with cash. No gun was seen and no one was hurt. Police arrested her within minutes of the robbery.

This year, just 10 years after the hostel fund raiser and six years after the robbery a woman by the same first, middle and last name and age as the woman in the robbery died suddenly in her home on New Years Day in Oshawa. Donations, if desired, to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health-CAMH were greatly appreciated. She was a grandmother, mother and daughter.


Aging Strip Mall 2

Digital Art, Photography

Walked along here a dozen times. The thing that most stands out is the church. The most interesting things are in strip malls. I once worked at a pool in the basement of a strip mall. It was maybe double the size of someone’s backyard pool. Maybe. If they can have a pool in a strip mall, they can have a church.

But soon there will be no strip mall here. Like visiting someone in the hospital that you know they won’t come out of. Like a dog’s last day before being put down at the vet. The life and vitality of a once 28,000 populated town is soon to be put out of its misery. Ghosts walk here.

I’ve walked along here dozens of times, and yet never really noticed the checkerboard walk. How modern it must have been when this was first built.

Aging Strip Mall

Digital Art, Photography

I like imagining how modern this must have been perceived when it was first built.

According to, this mall along Harwood in Ajax, Ontario was developed in the early 1950’s backed when it served the Ajax population of 25,000. The Durham College Chronicle says it was the heart of the community at that time.

Now it has been identified as a poor image for downtown Ajax. Before long it will likely replaced with the mixed-use multi-storey “Central Park Ajax” plans.

Sal’s Grocery Store

Digital Art, Photography

We discovered Sal’s by shopping at another grocery store for meat. Someone came up to us and said you should go to Sal’s. A friend of mine used to work there as a kid. Strikes me as the kind of place that people who have lived in Ajax for a long time know about.

Sal’s reminds me of that Stephen King novel, 11/22/63 where the restaurant owner that discovered a portal to the past a couple of years before Kennedy was shot was able to step into the past and buy meat at sixties prices and bring it into the present to sell much cheaper than his competitors.

Sal’s is another one of these places who feels like it’s says are numbered simply because it’s located in a strip mall. It’s like the complicated way you feel about someone who hasn’t got much time left.