Suburban Surveillance

Oh, we think we have to worry about our browser history and our cell phone use. But our neighbours have been watching us for years.

You have to remember to close the curtains. Especially at night. But during the day we feel trapped. And as one transforms to the next, sometimes we forget.

Lulled by time, exhausted by vigilance. We settle. Why, we hardly ever see a light on in that window… I fell asleep and woke in the morning. Disheveled. Not fit for public consumption.

They’ll be sure to avert their eyes the next time we are both on our driveways together.

Looked up from the sink one night and saw them. I search my memory – had I done anything embarrassing? I couldn’t remember. My mind drifted. I thought I was alone.

Even in the most intimate of spaces.

In the most intimate of spaces we were conscious they were there. After awhile, lulled into a false sense of security. Be careful when you get out of the shower and your mind is fuddled by the heat.

Sunday morning we hear lawn mowers. At least they are busy.

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