Glowing East of Six

When I initially thought about shooting images of Ajax, I naturally thought about the houses. Mostly I thought about my own neighbourhood and how when I got my house I used to turn down the wrong street and look for it – without knowing it was the wrong street. Because all the houses looked the same. Ajax is all about the houses, and everything that goes with that.

My first idea was to capture the sameness of them it. But I quickly rejected that idea as not feeling original so I thought about trying to capture them from a side you don’t normally see which I collected in my Bald series.

But as I kept shooting, especially some of the places that I shot several times, the houses started to take on a life of their own. They became characters in my mind.

But then there was this one house I shot which I just loved. I don’t why, but I shot it from the front with the window.  It was the squareness of the house that appealed to me, but once I saw the shot, it became about the light. The first one had been taken with an automatic focusing lens which in the dark it struggled with and so was out of focus. It wasn’t in keeping with the other windowless series so I was just going to leave it.

Except for the fact I kept returning to it wishing I had a sharp one. That’s when I realized that I needed to find it and shoot it, and follow that path it wanted me to take.

Some more than others had a kind of charisma at night. But there is a certain kind of happiness and confidence that I feel these images have.


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