Bald Houses and Buildings East of Six

As I mentioned else where on this site, photographing your neighbourhood was particularly challenging to me. I did take creative license and decided that Ajax as a whole was, for the most part, my “neighborhood”. To my defence, I will say most of these images are within walking distance, if a fairly long walking distance.

So many of the houses are the same here. So I started trying to find a view that people didn’t ordinarily see.  A few of them really stood out to me and captured a feeling I couldn’t quite put into words. A kind of blindness about them that made me think a lot about the nature of looking and not looking and privacy when you live amongst so many other people. Many of the shots show fences.

It lead to me finding something spare and isolated about some of these buildings and residences were shot that answered this. Some of the houses have windows but there is something impersonal about them. The windows are not meant for us.

This was the first series I did where the houses started to feel like characters to me. They moved beyond their people to be something in their own rights – especially at night when no one is around. I found this particularly interesting as if you pay something enough attention and reverence, they live up to your expectations.

I started in black and white and moved to colour shot both on my iphone 6 and on my Canon 6D and processed.  You’ll see some of my favourites in both colour and black and white.



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