Floor Moulding

I am making base boards / floor molding this afternoon. Specifically rubber institutional ones. Well, miniature ones, anyway. But I am questioning the amount of tone and effort on this detail when I risk it not even making it in the shot and if it does not being lit enough to matter. But this detail … Read more

Focus and Lens Tests

This weekend I am starting some focus testing. While I’ve deducted I can shoot miniatures the same kinds of lenses that you’d use for regular photography, but I want some depth of field references to give me a much better idea of just how soft of focus will look like real life situations. It will … Read more

Models and Reference shots

I prefer to do the least amount of testing I can because inevitably I don’t actually know what I’ll need until I actually go through it. But really that’s just a justification for not wanting to do it. Testing for test sakes is tedious at best. I will say that necessity changes my aptitude for … Read more

Toss-off Test Shots

My first test shots were done just after I had got close to completion for my first model. They were not set up with any precision – I just wanted to get a few off to get an idea of how the set would translate to 2D to see what I might need to think … Read more

Getting Unstuck, a Mediation on Worthiness

For those who feel the calling but are unable to answer. On some level, we can believe that our invisibility is vital to our survival. Fearlessness is for other people. Bravery is for other people. Your Fears are Too Big.  And maybe that’s true. But maybe it isn’t. But what if you with all your … Read more

getting unstuck, a mediation on fear

There is both a practical reason and a philosophical reason I did the self-portraits over the summer.  The most obvious and most practical reason is that the means to do so are immediately available to me. You want to create? Create. Eliminate the barriers. The other reason and for me, much scarier reason, is that … Read more

Exploring the Artist Journey

You can spend your whole life living for other people and not even know it. According to palliative care worker, Bronnie Ware, the number on deathbed regret is living the life others expected of you, and not having the courage to live a life that’s true to yourself. Imagine that.   To me, this is not … Read more